Mr. Passos is an expert in competitive intelligence and has been providing clients with time-based strategic competitive intelligence for many years. His primary areas of expertise include strategy, competition, consumer behavior, and marketing. Mr. Passos ( client list includes over 80 of the Top 100 companies in Brazil. He has consulted to companies in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, high tech, and luxury goods. He conducts and manages intelligence projects that support the Client's strategic goals regarding the legal marketplace and competitors. Also he provides input to Directors, VP´s, and CEO´s regarding vendor performance, business unit objective setting and research needs. Alfredo Passos is the author of “Inteligência Competitiva – Como Fazer IC Acontecer na Sua Empresa”, “E a Concorrência...não Levou!” e “Inteligência Competitiva para Pequenas e Médias Empresas." Mr. Passos is also Competitive Intelligence Professor(ESPM), and has presented many seminars in Brazil. He is also a frequent speaker at industry and professional associations, including Amcham, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, IBC, Internews, FGV and PUCRS. Passos is a pioneer and recognized thought leader in the field of competitive intelligence in Brazil. He is member of The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals – SCIP and International Association for Intelligence Education - IAFIE. Achievements and Awards: He is the first professional in Latin America to receive the SCIP Catalyst Award. Prior to his own firm, Knowledge Management Company, Mr. Passos was with EDS Latin America and Saint-Gobain Group. He has background to include previous supervisory responsibility and international experience in Latin America. Mr. Passos holds a Master and bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing.