The second Think Tech 2011 ( will be held in Amphitheatre C at the University of the Azores (Ponta Delgada Campus) on October 11, at 5pm, featuring a keynote speech by Professor Alfredo Passos.

Competitive intelligence is based upon the strategic management of information with the objective of enabling managers to pre-empt market trends and the evolution of competition. In a global marketplace in which the most constant variable is change itself, it has become an imperative to act based upon competitive intelligence. Based on the competitive intelligence concept as a core competence for building and leading the future, at the Think Tech conference (, Alfredo Passos will share insights into how to employ competitive intelligence to remain in front of the competition and the markets.

Alfredo Passos is a speaker of world renown, a recognised specialist in the fields of competitive intelligence and innovation. He is a professor at ESPM (Brazil) and the first Latin American to win the Catalyst Award of Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. He is the authors of books including “Inteligência Competitiva – Como  Fazer IC Acontecer na Sua Empresa” (“Competitive Intelligence – How to Make CI Happen at your Company”), “E a Concorrência…não Levou!” (“And the Competition… did not prevail!”), “Inteligência Competitiva para Pequenas e Médias Empresas” (“Competitive Intelligence for Small and Medium Sized Companies”) and “Homem no Fogão e Mulher na Gestão” (“Man at the Stove and Woman in Management”).