Competitive Intelligence: How to stay ahead of competitors and markets.

October, 11 2011, 5pm


Alfredo Passos is a speaker of world renown, a recognised specialist in the fields of competitive intelligence and innovation. He is a professor at ESPM (Brazil) and the first Latin American to win the Catalyst Award of Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. He is the authors of books including “Inteligência Competitiva – Como Fazer IC Acontecer na Sua Empresa” (“Competitive Intelligence – How to Make CI Happen at your Company”), “E a Concorrência…não Levou!” (“And the Competition… did not prevail!”), “Inteligência Competitiva para Pequenas e Médias Empresas” (“Competitive Intelligence for Small and Medium Sized Companies”) and “Homem no Fogão e Mulher na Gestão” (“Man at the Stove and Woman in Management”).


Universidade dos Açores, Anfiteatro C (Campus de Ponta Delgada)