Think Tech – Technology + Innovation

Start: 23-09-11 | 09:00  End: 28-09-11 | 17:00

Think Tech – Technology + Innovation
23-28 September, University of the Azores
with Armando Pereira and Hélder Antunes

The unquestionable connection between technology and innovation and the role played in building a stronger and more competitive region are the subjects of this innovative, interactive and multidisciplinary conference.


Publication and promotion of ideas based on:

  •  Successful personal experiences;
  •  Case studies;
  •  Technology-based projects and innovations;
  •  Technology-based management approaches. 


  • Laying the foundations for a regional knowledge-based technological culture, generating a competitive strategy for the region;
  • Creation of means able to raise the profile of technology-based innovative ideas contributing towards the development of a competitive regional environment with a global vision;
  • Establishing partnerships for the implementation of technologically innovative activities;
  • Establishing a business-oriented policy for technological innovation in harmony with environmental and technological changes;
  • Promotion of joint initiatives involving the university, the government and companies and able to define strategic plans for the implementation of regional technological innovation programs.