Message from the President

"Auspicous Moment.

This is a new digital environment that seeks to overcome distances, converge thinkings, perspectives and views united by the identity of an Azorean horizon.

Our Azoreaness, which indelibly marks us, constantly drives our reflection on best resolving the unique and broad ranging issues relating to the present and future of our islands.

Establishing dialogue between Azoreans resident in the most diverse regions and countries worldwide, inviting them to share their knowledge – and wishing to learn from our own – is an inspired way to build ties and deepen relationships.

May the reflections beginning here prove bountiful and in the certainly that our destiny brings harmonious and integral development , as complete as it is sustained and balanced, from Corvo to Santa Maria, including the many ports visited by saudade and which render this Azorean identity so truly immense.

This project deserves our very particular care and attention and, from the very outset, you may count on our very best expectations".


President of the Regional Government of the Azores

Vasco Alves Cordeiro

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