Experiência Profissional

Post-Doctoral Fellowships
University of Bern
Jan 2013 - Oct 2014
My research will focus on holographic dualities between gravitational black hole solutions and effective descriptions of viscous fluids and elastic solids. The main objective will be to continue pursuing the connection between deformations of black hole geometries and the physics of elastic materials. It will be partly developed at CERN.

Experiência Académica

University of Aveiro (Portugal) | Department of Physics
Degree in Engineering Physics
2002 - 2007
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) | Department of Physics
Erasmus exchange program
2005 - 2006
University of Cambridge (England) | DAMTP
Part III, Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics
2007 - 2008
University of Copenhagen (Denmark) | The Niels Bohr Institute
PhD in Theoretical Physics
2009 - 2012