Prestige Azores Network

The Prestige Azores Network Project aims to establish a team of Advisers who respond to the questions that can be either general or specific.

Advisers are Azoreans or the descendents of Azoreans or persons who have been directly involved in the Azores, resident outside the Region and with track records in several areas.

The Prestige Azores correspondingly represents a working tool, a means of sounding out specialist opinions, interconnecting Azoreans living worldwide. Azorean specialists with relevant work undertaken on the Azores are invited to contribute, on a non-remunerated basis, to this project, simultaneously local and global.

Advisers participate in accordance with their availability and at their convenience, without any obligation beyond the interest and commitment held by each individual towards the development of the archipelago, based upon a sustainable and balanced perspective.

The Prestige Azores Network is also involved in promoting events whenever the opportunity arises through visits made by Advisers to the region. Such events may prove merely circumstantial, made up of meetings and visits, or they may be more formal structured as workshops, conferences and technical working meetings in accordance with the respective prevailing availabilities and interests of this specialist Advisers.

Various different partnerships are being established with the objective of deepening relationships with entities interested in the project within a local, national and international framework.

This website and the visibility conferred on the work undertaken by the Advisers, the working groups, the questions asked and the responses obtained are an essential component to expanding the network and therefore its own horizons.

Various means of interaction are planned in order to enable the public not only to accompany the project but participate inclusively in it, in particular through proposing perspectives and questions able to lead to debate and discussion.

In addition, the project produces a newsletter through which, following registration, any person may follow all of the Rede Prestige events and developments.

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