General FAQs

What is the Prestige Azores Network?

The Prestige Azores Network is a project seeking to promote a closer relationship between the Autonomous Region of the Azores and Azoreans, descendents of Azoreans or persons directly involved with the Azores, resident outside the region, and whose work is of relevance in several areas.

What are the objectives of the Prestige Azores Network?

How does the Prestige Azores Network work?

Are Advisers paid?

What is a Prestige Azores Network Adviser?

Who runs the Prestige Azores Network?

Who else can participate in the Prestige Azores Network?


Users FAQs

How do Users participate in the Prestige Azores Network?

What suggestions may be made by Prestige Azores Network Users?

Can suggestions be made about people that I know that may be willing to contribute to the project?

What happens to Prestige Azores Network User suggestions?


Advisers FAQs

What do Prestige Azores Network Advisers do?

Can Advisers makes suggestions?

What is the regularity of the questions asked of Advisers?