"Iam pleased to report that this has been an incredibly busy summer for the CIE and our Tech Venture Center (TVC). We had over 65 business leaders visit the center, we hosted informational programs sponsored by the SouthCoast Development Partnership (SCDP) and the MA Clean Energy Center (MA CEC), we brought Radio Entrepreneurs in for a day of interviews to feature our TVC's and other startups from the region, we began the planning process for a host of Fall events, and we're getting ready to announce a brand new addition to the TVC and the graduation of one of our existing Tech Venture Companies!

Our Tech Venture Companies have also been very busy with building prototypes, conducting experiments, raising funds, and other activities.

The CIE is launching a Maritime Leadership Forum which is aimed at bringing decision makers from small to medium sized marine technology companies together on a monthly basis to share ideas, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities. On September 13th we will be hosting a luncheon to provide information and an opportunity to meet our facilitator Don Saracen.

Toby Stapleton
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director
UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship