Elvino S. Sousa recommends the creation of emerging technological structures

Elvino S. Sousa wrote on Development of an ICT Economy: Capitalizing on the geographical location of the Azores, pointing out air transport and accessibility and suggesting a decided bet in the installation of emerging technological structures, such as data centers.

The advisor states that "Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are recognized as the top strategic technologies for the majority of national and regional governments around the world."

Elvino Sousa writes that "for the geographic location to be a positive factor in economic development of ICT in a region, then, to some extent, this factor must be related to two things: 1) attractive geographic features that make the place a pleasant experience to visit or live (including climate, cost of living, etc..) and 2) the ease in transportation to and from one region to facilitate the development of strong foreign trade relations."

The advisor identifies "the improvement of air transport as an important issue in order to shorten the "distance" and identifies data centers as a possibility.

Elvino S. Sousa suggests the installation of data centers that "take advantage of the location of the Azores. Data centers will become increasingly important to support the future Internet. These centers are increasing in terms of storage capacity and data and will have some attributes: the use of large amounts of energy for operation and cooling, robustness in the face of security threats, including natural and manmade disasters, security , strategic locations to easy the connection to networks of large backbone capacity, serving markets such as Europe and North America, preferably strategically located to compensate for transmission delays (latency), as is required by the future financial industry and possible strategic location for reasons of legal jurisdiction."