David Tavares recommends improving accessibility and recommends business centers

David Tavares replied Azores - International Business Centre "The Right Time Is Now!" - It's Time!, suggesting two areas of particular importance: air transport and trade center, or rather the business center, and also recommended that the "tourism of nostalgia" should not be ignored, but with innovation.

The suggestion to claim the region as a business center states that it becomes "a neuralgic point of meeting of entrepreneurs and those who they relate with. At a distance of two hours from Lisbon, little more than that of Newfoundland, Canada and about four hours from Boston, the Azores can and should be the basis of modernity, progress, and new development! Frequent, affordable, safe and comfortable transports would be the guarantee of convergence and high performing business, which would lead to financial gain, tourism and many other benefits! "

Suggests that nostalgia tourism should not be ignored, but believes that "it urges to innovate and it has to have the courage and adventure to seek and attract other audiences."

David Tavares writes that "the Azores may become the Singapore of Europe and America! The archipelago can welcome the Headquarters of small, medium and especially large companies, with the corresponding staff, which would allow the establishment of highly qualified people and originate a remarkable cash flow, in addition to other benefits, natural and obviously, arising, such as hotels and restaurants, transports and other services!"