The Azores will participate in the 'NewSpace 2017: Convergence' conference organized by the Space Frontier Foundation from June 27 to 29 at what is considered to be the largest global event to discuss issues related to the space sector and taking place in the city of San Francisco, in California.

The Government of the Azores is part of the Portuguese delegation that participates in the event, with the aim of publicizing the potential of the Region for the development of activities related to the space industry.

Cited by the GACS, the regional secretary, Gui Menezes, says that the objective is "to establish contacts with entities that, by developing their activity far from the Region, can integrate Azorean companies into their chain of knowledge and that, in the future, in the development of space activities in the archipelago ".

It should be noted that the NewSpace conference, held since 2006, brings together the main players in the space sector, namely startups and established companies, government agencies, private investors and technological innovators. The debate it brings there is focused on the short-, medium- and long-term challenges related to space.
This year's edition is dedicated to the theme 'Convergence', intended to address the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in creating a sustainable space economy.