Advisors Armando Pereira and Helder Antunes pointed out technological solutions

Armando Pereira and Helder Antunes answered the question posed by the Network, on ways to capitalize on the geographical location of the Azores in the context of advances in information and communication technologies, pointing to the technologies and geographical position, drawing a number of proposals based on the use of information and communication technologies.

They say that "until there is a solution of capacity, frequency and price of aviation and maritime transport, the only sector in which the Azores currently have no disadvantage is in sectors where the "product" is not physical."
Thus, they suggest the following investment possibilities:

  • Consulting services - "Know how" that is distributed via the Internet;
  • Software - products that can be "downloaded" over the Internet;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • Technical and / or graphic drawing;
  • Product design using SaaS or ASPs solutions.

Following the example of the United States business and trade dynamic, they suggest that the region will reinforce skills in marketing, promotion and business cooperation.